Autism Rocks and Rolls

146:It’s Not A Disability, It’s A Different Ability By Jeff Teresi

July 30, 2021

In this episode, we interview Jeff Teresi. Mr. Teresi equips business professionals with the tools to break through to their next big breakthrough over and over again, both professionally and personally. After years of studying and learning from the experts in personal development, Jeff is most content creating creative content. As a speaker, author, and hall-of-fame business achiever, one of his greatest motivators is motivating others. Jeff loves to travel, speak, and teach around the world at in-person and online events. When he’s not passionately presenting, Jeff's main joys come from being a husband and father, playing Frisbee with their dog, and receiving face-licks from their fur ball of a bunny. Jeff is also on the autism spectrum, but this does not get him down! For more information, check out

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