Autism Rocks and Rolls

214:Remaining Victorious With Maia Zakay

August 15, 2022

In this episode, we talk to the stunning and amazing 20-year old musician Maia Zakay. After finding her on Facebook and learning about her work, I knew she had to be on. Maia is an R&B pop singer who also happens to be a mental health advocate. As she has stated, "My purpose is to help my listeners feel less alone in the difficult times we go through in life." She is also a model and a future movie actress who will act in action and romance-comedy movies. This episode is also history because Maia Zakay was my first-ever live performer on Autism Rocks and Rolls. That is not all, because last year she won the 2021 Hollywood Music In Media with her hit single "Keep Me Waiting." So please help me welcome the accomplished protégé, Maia Zakay.

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