Autism Rocks and Rolls

217:Employing And Coaching The Critters

September 21, 2022

In this episode, we have three people together, each  of whom has a business in the autism field. First, Isabella Johnston. Isabella is a serial entrepreneur specializing in diversity, equality and inclusion, multidimensional learning, peer and reverse mentoring, and organizational improvement. She leads Employers 4 Change. Employers 4 Change is software that provides recruitment DEI skills  and cognitive skills development to employers and their interns. Next is Frank Mallatt. His non-profit organization is called his Critters 4 Service. With the help of donations and volunteers, Critters 4 Service provides  assistance dogs for autism, special needs, and veterans. Finally, we have Rob Hoades. Rob Hodes grew up in Long Island, New York and had undiagnosed autism. His organization is called his Autism Gifts. The goal of Autism Gifts is to help people on the autism spectrum take strategic actions to achieve their goals and dreams, use their unique gifts, and authentically share their stories of life and society. It is to inspire people to avoid being labeled negatively. Let's all hear together and hear what they are all doing together for their own autism community.

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