Autism Rocks and Rolls

219:On The Silver Screen With Tamika Lamison

October 15, 2022

"I want to help these children create a legacy." That is what the stunning and sweet Tamika Lamison said, and she is because, in 2006, she created The Make A Film Foundation. The Make A Film Foundation helps children with life-threatening conditions and illnesses create movies by connecting famous actors such as JK Simmons and Johnny Depp with producers and directors. Tamika started this because of her inspiration from the Make A Wish Foundation, and since she started, she has also grown because Tamika is a postgraduate from Howard University and is the executive director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commercial Director's Diversity Program, which allows children with severe conditions to make commercials. She is also the senior vice president of development and production at PhilmCo. The cool part is that it all began with her roots in theater and her first script, called "The Jar by the Door." Let's all hear from this amazing woman and what she has to say.


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